Hi I'm Rence

A PROgrammer in the making

I'm learning to write code and also love building something 💕

As of now I'm a simple guy who look up to PROgrammer's who achieved and help countless number of people using their art. I also do side project which is under construction right now, hoping that they can fly soon.

Did you know?

Naniii is born because of an idea called "Whisper", which a social media that focuses on people secrets. But in the middle of development I changed it to blogging platform and changed it again until become a website that is full of random things.

Anyway, If you want to support me I'll gladly accept any rocket that you'll buy for me at BuyMeACoffee.com. That will help me to maintain this website, rents, payments, support other developers, be more energetic to smash some bugs and building things that doesn't exist in the first place. Thank you so much.

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